Time To Translate

Madrid, Spain

A total business revamp including new website, new logo, new business cards and a totally fresh new look

Carla Valenti, the owner of Time To Translate, contacted me saying she had a website created a long time ago that was no longer supported by most devices. I had a look at her website and sure enough, the website was extremely outdated. The website was created in Flash, which is true, Flash isn’t supported by most devices nowadays, and is extremely frowned upon by Google. She said she needed a new website with a “beautiful design” that was compatible with all devices.

Carla mentioned the importance of testimonials in her line of work, so instead of featuring the testimonials on a separate page, I featured them directly on the homepage, which is by and large the most visited page on any website.

Fresh New Logo
& Business Cards

In addition to the website, in order to give her business a much needed fresh new look, I strongly suggested she allow me to revamp her existing logo – which she graciously agreed to. Furthermore, I created some new custom business cards to match the new look and feel of the new website.
Before After

Custom Contact Forms

An interesting feature on the website is the contact form used by translators interested in working with Time To Translate. While many websites require viewers to download, print, scan and email the forms, the Translators contact form allows translators to fill out and submit their information directly on the website, with some text fields becoming visible only if specific boxes are checked.

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