Meraki Coworking

Gavà, Spain

Pushing the boundaries of creativity for a beautiful coworking space by the sea. Stunning website and a beautifully elegant logo.

Meraki Coworking is a beautiful coworking space located in Gavà Mar, just outside the city of Barcelona. The space offers an incredible view of the sea and a long list of amenities, including a food lounge, fitness classes and plenty of outdoor activities. With a little help from a truly inspirational surrounding, Meraki Coworking is the ideal place to unleash your mind’s maximum creative potential.

From the moment I met the creative team behind Meraki Coworking, I was intrigued by the entire concept of “Meraki” and what it represented. I was explained the trinity of what the body, mind and soul need to unleash their full creative capacity and how it is a combination of three things, like a trinity of sorts: the physical space (which is the design and the furnishings of the space), the environment (in this case, the sea) and hosting (your inner energy). I decided to incorporate hints of this trinity in the form of triangular patterns throughout the Meraki Coworking website.

Date & Weather

An interesting and beautiful feature feature of the website is the display of the date and the weather in Gavà, including the temperature, the overcast and even the wind speed (in case you’re thinking of going sailboating or kitesurfing).


The website features beautiful images behind the text area (in the foreground), always recalling the sea only a few hundred meters from the space itself.

Logo Design &
Custom Business Cards

The logo design is very sleek, yet elegant and sophisticated. The cursive “hand-written” style lettering works well with the spiritual feel of the business and its vision of creating the ideal space to be inspired.

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