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Barcelona, Spain

Catapulting to the modern era the website of one of the top immigration law firms in Barcelona

When I first met with Mr. Cristian Balcells, the CEO of Balcells Group, one of the top immigration law firms in Barcelona, he stated he needed a new and modern website. He made it clear to me that the website would include lots of information; however, it needed to remain very clean in design and easy for viewers to navigate. While most law firm websites usually are (and tend to remain) quite traditional and outdated, it was very obvious to me that Mr. Cristian Balcells understood the importance of having a modern website, especially when targeting a new and younger generation of clients which places a strong emphasis on design and user-friendliness.

In order for the website to be more comprehensible for the firm’s clients from different parts of the world, the website is in four languages: English, Spanish, Russian and French. The menu features a “Request Consultation” button making it easy to consult with the firm for any legal advice and/or help.

< Before Vs Now >

Slide the handle horizontally in both directions to compare the old Balcells Group website to the new website.

Before After
We were looking for someone to refresh and redesign our website and to bring it into the modern era. In Paolo, we found the right man for the job as we ended up making a completely new website from the ground up! Paolo has an innate knack for design which he infuses in every project that he undertakes. His modern design sensibilities really helped us refresh our brand and helped us to deliver a brand new website, fit for a professional organisation such as ours. We would wholeheartedly recommend his services for any future projects.

Cristian Balcells
CEO / Founder, Balcells Group

Mobile Contact bar

In order to further increase the website’s user-friendliness, the mobile version of the website features a mobile contact bar including phone, email and Whatsapp buttons, making it extremely simple for both current and potential clients to easily contact the firm – at the push of a button.

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