Website, Brand Identity
Andrew Morris
New quirky and creative website for Barcelona-based writer, translator, vlogger and social media figure
Andrew Morris is a well-known translator with a very strong online presence, particularly in the world of translators. Andrew contacted me seeking a new, professional yet personal website that was more in tune with his present life and work. He wanted something unique and different than the traditional translator websites out there. After meeting for a coffee to discuss his website, I began sketching ideas on paper. These sketches eventually transformed into what is now the new and truly one-of-a-kind Andrew Morris website.
The website features custom graphics created specifically for each of the pages. On a few of the pages, sections of the images overlap the slanted background, creating a beautiful and unique 3-dimensional effect.

Color / Black & White

The pages with two or more sections include a top section in color and a bottom section in black and white, all with a touch of magenta.

New Logo &
Business Cards

New website, new look, so (obviously) a fresh, new logo was a must. Andrew Morris’s new logo is professional, but still fun; perfectly in tune with how he is as a translator as well as who he is as a person. The business cards feature beautiful, rounded corners and a very unique and totally bespoke crossword puzzle highlighting the various services offered by Andrew Morris.
Creative, responsive, professional and friendly. Paolo provides excellent service and comes up with great solutions to turn what amounts to a fuzzy website in your own head into a polished high-performance and attractive outcome!

Andrew Morris

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