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Doctor Ahmad Saad
Before I met with Paolo in person, I looked over his portfolio and what I found incredible is that no two sites look the same, and each website was elegantly designed with creativity and precision to fit the mission of the website/person. I decided to commit and work with Paolo, and I think that was one of the best decisions I have made. After spending a lot of time together, listening to my requests, running ideas by me, he created an elegant and very responsive website in six languages. He is very knowledgeable in development with an artistic creative eye, and when he commits to your project, he puts his heart and soul to deliver the best product possible. I cannot recommend Paolo enough for your project.

Ahmad Saad
Founder / Plastic Surgeon, SAAD Plastic Surgery

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Why Your Practice
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Consider a doctor’s office without a phone. Patients, future patients, outside organizations, and other essential parties would have no way of asking inquiries, learning about services, or scheduling an appointment unless they came into the office. There would be no way for people to communicate with the office. In this day and age, not having a website is the equivalent of not having a phone at your office.
A professional, medical website provides patients, both current and potential, with information about your practice, information about their medical needs, and most importantly, a way for patients to contact you in order to request consultations.
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