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Fresh new website for state-of-the-art gym in Palermo, Sicily.


The instructors of Universal Fitness, a state-of-the-art gym just outside Palermo, Sicily, contacted me saying they desperately needed help giving their website a fresh new look, since their old site simply wasn’t representing the image and the “personality” of the gym.

I have always felt that a website should be a representation and/or an extension of the actual business, and that the connection between the website and the business should be clear. An example of this is the selection I made for the website’s main theme color. I decided to go with a beautiful and earthy orange color for I felt as though it represented the gym nicely. The reason for this is, although it is not featured in the colors of the logo, this shade of orange is still seen throughout most the gym on all of the leather seats and padding on the gym’s equipment. In fact, when I revealed the website and all that I had done to the clients, they knew exactly why I had chosen that color, without me saying anything – and they absolutely loved it!

Some of the website features include full-screen parallax background on the Conosci I Nostri Istruttori page which presents each of the various trainers at the gym, as well as the header on the homepage which features an overlay image of a young man working out with a Universal Fitness tshirt. Furthermore, another interesting (and useful) feature on the website is the Corsi E Orari (classes and hours) page which includes a table offering clients the possibility to quickly and easily see which classes the gym offers, as well as the times of the classes.

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