Why I Decided to Move to Barcelona

Ten months ago, almost to the day, I found myself at LAX airport in Los Angeles boarding a flight to Barcelona. Two entire years had passed since I had seen my family, the longest period in my life thus far. There are a few reasons I decided to move back to Europe, one of the main reasons being to be closer to my family, which is all based in Italy. Traveling within Europe is relativity easy and inexpensive, so visiting my family in Italy at least a few times a year would be possible from most locations in Europe. For this reason, the question wasn’t whether or not I wanted to move back to Europe – the question was, where in Europe did I want to move to?

One of the great perks of working as a freelance web designer is the fact that I can work from anywhere – as long as I have Internet access, I can work. So I began evaluating several cities, some of which I had lived in before, others I had visited with friends in the past, and others I had merely read about or seen photos of.

After two years of living in San Diego, the southernmost city on California’s coast and, in my opinion, the most beautiful city in the United States, I wanted to continue living in a city by the beach. After six and a half years of living in Rome, I also wanted it to be a city rich in history and art. I can’t even begin to describe the feeling of walking down the cobblestone streets of Rome, surrounded by buildings and ruins dating back hundreds, even thousands of years – complete bliss! A few years before moving to California I also lived in London (for about eight months), and like London, I wanted to live in a city that was (for the most part) clean and organized, with a great transit system. However, climate was also a top priority for me, so, unlike London, I wanted it to be a city with lots of sun and nice weather year-round. Being from Sicily, and after two years in San Diego, I didn’t want to return to live in a cold and rainy city like London. I have always been drawn to warmer climates and, let’s face it, the warmth of the sun seems to put people in a better mood. When all of my criteria was considered, critiqued and analyzed, everything seemed to point to one city – beautiful and sunny Barcelona, Spain.

So, while on a trip to Brazil visiting friends, I booked my flight from Los Angeles to Barcelona, and ten months after making the move I can openly say it was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made.

The more I live here, the more I fall in love with this city.

Part II – Top 10 Reasons I Love Living in Barcelona… Coming Soon