What Are The Best Times to Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Other Social Media Sites?

In recent years, social media has become an integral part of our lives – we share photos and videos of day-to-day activities, we tweet our personal thoughts and opinions, we pin inspiring images to our virtual pin boards, and we Instagram anything and everything around us. But what if you’re not using social media for personal use, but using it to promote a business?

Using social media for ecommerce is different than using social media for personal use. Social media for personal use is simply a way for you to connect with friends, old and new, a way to express personal ideas and opinions and a way to get inspired with the help of the images and videos of those you follow. On the other hand, social media for ecommerce is all about finding a way to capture the attention of your target audience. It is important that the content you share is engaging, but it is also important to know when your social media target audience is active.

So, when are the best times to post on social media? The answer to that question will depend on a few variables including which social media platform you’re using, the demographics of your target audience (age, location, etc) and your content objectives (clicks versus shares).

After doing some research and gathering data from various sources, including Fast Company, CoSchedule, QuickSprout and HubSpot, I used the information to create this blog post. Think of the information below as a general guideline of the best and worst times to post on social media.


Facebook is a social media network that is frequently used both at home and at work, and accessed from both mobile devices and desktops. People tend to frequently get on Facebook on weekdays between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m., with 3 p.m. tending to be the very best time. Weekend mornings and evenings, before 8 a.m. and after 8 p.m. tend to be the worst times to post on Facebook, for the simple fact, most people probably have better things to do during those hours.

Instagram logo with purple background

Instagram fue diseñado principalmente para su uso en dispositivos móviles. Por esta razón, los mejores y peores momentos para publicar en Instagram no son tan claros como lo son para otras redes sociales, ya que la mayoría de la gente tiende a mantener sus dispositivos móviles en ellos y usar la aplicación durante la mayor parte del día. La investigación muestra que el uso de Instagram se mantiene constante durante la mayor parte de la semana, con un ligero aumento los días de semana entre las 8 a.m. y las 9 a.m., y una ligera disminución los días laborables entre las 3 p.m. y 4 p.m.

Twitter logo with turquoise blue background

Twitter tends to be a very popular during breaks and commutes. Naturally, the best times to post on Twitter are when most people are on their lunch breaks, so from 12 p.m. to about 3 p.m., and then again at 5 p.m., when most people are getting off work and are going to be stuck in traffic on their way home. Twitter is not very popular in the weekday evenings, so from 8 p.m and on, and not very popular on weekends either. Already on Fridays, from 3 p.m. and on, Twitter use drops and stays low for most of the weekend.

Pinterest logo

Pinterest is a very visually stimulating social media platform. Whether it be searching for new travel destinations, learning new and delicious recipes or shopping for new clothes, Pinterest is a great way to relax and pass the time. For this reason, it tends to be very popular on weekday evenings, so after 8 p.m., and also on weekends, especially Saturday mornings. The worst time to pin images on Pinterest is on weekdays during normal working hours, with the possible exception of lunchtime, when some will take a break from stress at work and browse photos of things that interest them.

Linkedin logo with blue background

LinkedIn is a social media network used by professionals. Engagement from its users tends to be highest during the workweek just before the workday starts, and just after it ends, with the exception of Friday after work when most people are winding down their workweek and not necessarily interested on what’s going on on LinkedIn. The worst times to post on LinkedIn is at night, from about 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. when, even if awake at those hours, people tend to use other social media networks not involving work.