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From Conception to Creation

Design Approach

Leadership consultant and coach Maria Kelly
I contacted Inzone Design to design my website for the launch of my business, as I loved his clean aesthetic and the quality of the work he had previously done (which speaks for itself)... Paolo is extremely professional: he answered all my questions and emails in a timely and helpful manner, was proactive in giving me feedback and suggestions (really good suggestions), shared his work as it progressed and incorporated my feedback. I really felt listened to and supported, and that he was on my team working hard for my success.

Maria Kelly
International Leadership Consultant and Coach

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Translator Andrew Morris
Creative, responsive, professional and friendly. Paolo provides excellent service and comes up with great solutions to turn what amounts to a fuzzy website in your own head into a polished high-performance and attractive outcome!

Andrew Morris
Translator, Coach, Vlogger

Sharon Levey of Wine Courses Barcelona
I truly cannot speak highly enough of the service provided by Paolo. From the regular face-to-face meetings and speedy feedback, to the amazing attention to detail and care he takes when designing a website. He created my new site for Wine Courses Barcelona, listening attentively to the whole backstory, why I was looking for a redesign and what I wanted to communicate and translating it into something I couldn't be happier with. He has the patience of a saint and an amazing work ethic- thank you!

Sharon Levey
Founder, Wine Courses Barcelona

Carla Valenti of Time To Translate
Meeting Paolo gave me the push I needed to decide to update the company's website. After telling him about the idea I had in mind and exchanging opinions, I knew I was in good hands. His passion for design, his technical knowledge and his excellent communication skills make him a great web development professional. He knows how to listen to needs, brings valuable suggestions and is always willing to surpass himself. The end result is exactly what I wanted: a professional, unique and stylish website. Thank you Paolo!

Carla Valenti
Founder, Time To Translate

Writing is designing with words.
Designing is writing without them.
– Robert Hoekman Jr.
How it works

Design Process

This is a long-term investment, so let’s do it right.
To help you understand a little bit more about what a web project might involve, here is the typical design process streamlined into six simple steps.

Initial Consultation & Discovery

The initial consultation is the first step in getting to know about you, your business and your web design needs. Through a series of questions, this step gives me a clearer understanding of what you are looking for in a website, as well as who your competitors are and who your target audience is – all factors which will influence the look, feel and design of the website. If you are located in Barcelona, we can certainly meet in person. If you are located in a different city or country or don’t have time to meet, we can easily hold the consultation via phone, Skype, Whatsapp or Facetime.

Research & Sketches

After the initial consultation and discovery process, I take my notes and I begin to do some research. This includes studying the websites of your primary competitors and the websites of others, in your city and elsewhere, aiming to capture the attention of your target audience. My main objective here is to discover ways of incorporating and/or improving design aspects of successful companies within the same sector. I begin sketching ideas on paper and once I have narrowed these ideas down to the very best ones, it is then time to start designing the website.

Design & Development

The design and development stage involves converting the design concept into actual web pages. This is done by transforming the information gathered and sketches created in the previous two steps into visual entities. I explore and try different layouts, fonts, colors, and many other design aspects, keeping in mind the ease of navigation and overall usability of the website. The company/organization’s brand will also play an important role in this step of the design process, as we will want to visually convey key brand attributes and perceptual ideas within the design. I will present to you various design strategies using mockup(s) or a staging site which will allow you to offer me feedback throughout the entire design process.

Site Testing

Once the design is complete, it is now time to test the website to make sure everything is looking and functioning properly. While still on the staging site, all aspects of the website should be tested and checked, both by myself as well as by you and your team. The site will need to be reviewed and tested using different browsers (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer) and multiple devices (desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile) to see if anything needs adjusting before it is officially launched.


Congratulations – it’s the big day. The site is now ready to be transferred to the live server. Once the site has been transferred, it is time to prepare the website for public viewing. This includes “polishing” the website, checking that everything is looking its very best, and once again, testing the site using different browsers and on multiple devices. With all tests completed, it is time to announce the launch of your new website to the world.

Website care & maintenance

Websites need constant care and maintenance to ensure they are performing at their best. To say that the website is the most important asset you own as part of your business is an understatement. If you want your site to be successful, regular website maintenance is a must. Website care and maintenance includes ensuring that your site remains fresh, up-to-date and secure at all times.
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