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Welcome. I’m Paolo Inzone, a professional web designer based in Barcelona. I have 12+ years‘ experience in web design and am specialized in creating modern, cutting-edge websites for businesses, entrepreneurs and NGOs.
Web Design

My design style is very much oriented towards modern design, which relies on creating simplicity and clarity through small details. Stunning images, sleek typography, an alluring color scheme and a clean and minimalist design style are the key elements for a beautiful and modern website design.

Brand Identity

Your logo is the first thing new customers will see, so you want to make sure you get it right. By understanding your nature of business, I can help bring your business to life with the creation of an appropriate logo and brand identity.


Thinking of selling your products and services to the world? E-commerce has exploded in the last 10 years, and there's no sign of it slowing down. Harness the potential of selling online with a beautiful e-commerce website.


Here are a few
reasons why...

Attention to detail

Web design and development requires a focus and eye for detail, both from an aesthetics point of view as well as a coding point of view. In fact, on most occasions, the beauty is in the details; the right amount of contrast, slight movement of text as it appears on the screen and clean coding that won’t bog down your website, allowing it to function at its maximum speed and capability.

Clear Communication and Collaboration

Before starting any design, I always get a clear understanding of what the client is looking for in a website. Who is their target audience and what are they striving to achieve with their new website? The client is able to see every step of the website's formation, from its inception to its completion. Giving clients a voice in the creation of their website is very important for it allows me to create precisely the website they want and need.

Quality and experience

I love what I do and I believe it shows in my work. I am proud to have worked with a diverse range of clients from a variety of industries; law firms, medical professionals, international NGOs, entrepreneurs and many others. I strongly believe in building high value, meaningful, long-term relationships with my clients and everything that I do and create is done with the utmost standards of creativity and quality. My goal is to deliver an impactful, visually stunning web experience that elevates the online web presence of every brand, company, organization and individual I work with.

It’s all about the details

Clean & Modern
Web Design

Every great website begins as an idea, a sketch, but what sets the design of one website apart from the rest are the details; the typography, the icons, the color scheme, the flow of the website. Designer Paul Rand once said, “Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated”  I believe in a web design style that is clean, modern and simple. Simply beautiful. Beautifully simple.
Gavrielle Kirk-Cohen of WAZA
I honestly cannot recommend Paolo Inzone enough. He built and designed a brand new website for our organisation The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) as well as a new website for our annual conference. He listened to my ideas for the websites and produced an ever better result than I could have imagined. The website design is clean, modern and creative and he really went above and beyond. Paolo is incredibly professional and helpful, and has the world of patience for my questions and has been amazing in helping me navigate the backend of the website. The websites look beautiful...

Gavrielle Kirk-Cohen
Director of Communications, WAZA

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Attorney Michael Lin of Bravlin Law Firm
What is so impressive about his work is the marriage of art and functionality that Apple is famous for in its design of iPhone. We are very pleased and super happy with Paolo’s work of art. It is not easy to encapsulate beauty in a website design while conveying the professionalism and passion in our services. To our delight, Paolo managed to do so effortlessly. We will continue to work with Paolo for many years to come and wish him the best. We are very appreciative of him for the job well done.

Michael Lin
Founder / Attorney, BRAVLIN Law Firm

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Doctor Ahmad Saad
Before I met with Paolo in person, I looked over his portfolio and what I found incredible is that no two sites look the same, and each website was elegantly designed with creativity and precision to fit the mission of the website/person. I decided to commit and work with Paolo, and I think that was one of the best decisions I have made. After spending a lot of time together, listening to my requests, running ideas by me, he created an elegant and very responsive website in six languages. He is very knowledgeable in development with an artistic creative eye, and when he commits to your project, he puts his heart and soul to deliver the best product possible. I cannot recommend Paolo enough for your project.

Ahmad Saad
Founder / Plastic Surgeon, SAAD Plastic Surgery

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Carla Valenti of Time To Translate
Encontrar a Paolo me dio el empujón para decidirme a actualizar la página web de la empresa. Tras comentarle la idea que tenía en mente e intercambiar opiniones, supe que estaba en buenas manos. Su pasión por el diseño, sus conocimientos técnicos y sus excelentes habilidades comunicativas hacen de él un gran profesional del desarrollo web. Sabe escuchar las necesidades, aporta valiosas sugerencias y siempre está dispuesto a superarse a sí mismo. El resultado final es exactamente lo que quería: una web profesional, diferente y con estilo. Thank you Paolo!

Carla Valenti
Founder, Time To Translate

Cristian Balcells of Balcells Group
We were looking for someone to refresh and redesign our website and to bring it into the modern era. In Paolo, we found the right man for the job as we ended up making a completely new website from the ground up! Paolo has an innate knack for design which he infuses in every project that he undertakes. His modern design sensibilities really helped us refresh our brand and helped us to deliver a brand new website, fit for a professional organisation such as ours. We would wholeheartedly recommend his services for any future projects.

Cristian Balcells
Founder / Attorney, Balcells Group

Sharon Levey of Wine Courses Barcelona
I truly cannot speak highly enough of the service provided by Paolo. From the regular face-to-face meetings and speedy feedback, to the amazing attention to detail and care he takes when designing a website. He created my new site for Wine Courses Barcelona, listening attentively to the whole backstory, why I was looking for a redesign and what I wanted to communicate and translating it into something I couldn't be happier with. He has the patience of a saint and an amazing work ethic- thank you!

Sharon Levey
Founder, Wine Courses Barcelona

Translator Andrew Morris
Creative, responsive, professional and friendly. Paolo provides excellent service and comes up with great solutions to turn what amounts to a fuzzy website in your own head into a polished high-performance and attractive outcome!

Andrew Morris
Translator, Coach, Vlogger

Marie-Hélène Paré
Paolo was a godsend after I had very disappointing experiences with web designers who either knew WordPress but had zero designer skills, or vice-versa. Paolo is unique in that he combines both the technical and design skills that most web designers claim to have but fail to deliver. He has the skills, eye and talent to deliver tailored-made websites that are both effective and beautiful. He understood straightaway the type of website I needed and was attentive to details throughout the process. I recommend him unreservedly.

Marie-Hélène Paré
Qualitative Analyst

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